The Mother Nature Snare series is born from the love of drums and environment and set new standards in terms of performance and quality for the Musical Instrument industry. These snares feature a unique horizontal orientation and offer a sound distinct from conventional ply drums. The result is a clarity of sound which cuts through the mix yet remains musical and vibrant. In respect of our best woods we are very proud to use for the first time in history a new formulation of water-based coatings for wood that respect the planet and with a socially responsible production cycle. These BIO Coatings are made in Italy with recycled materials and are in line with the latest green policies adopted worldwide.

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Thanks to their exceptionally low environmental impact, they qualify for LEED credits.

dsdrum Mother Nature Bg WARM, OPEN AND RICH
warm tone and versatility horizontal shell proprietary system PERFECT FOR BOTH


Walnut is noted for its big, warm and dry tone with a terrific low end.
Handcrafted in Italy using a unique horizontal orientation and combined with a ten lug design these snares have a truly organic, retro vibe while maintaining the classic ds personality. Resonance after the attack is short, but the sound is very sharp. The sound seems as though it has already been equalized. The rim shot of a Walnut snare has an amazing crack that many feel is superior to those of other shell materials. This superior crack makes walnut the perfect material for music with big-band style set up figures and also for fusion. This snare drum offers an exciting new bearing edge proprietary combination that yield thrilling new sonic possibilities, R2 60 degree on the top head and R1 45 degree on the bottom head.
Whether you want that classic vintage snare or a more contemporary complex tone, All Walnut is the drum for you.

dsdrum Mother Nature Bg BLACK
proprietary bearing edges
and snare bed technology


hand made
snare wires

dsdrum Mother Nature Bg