Our Custom Shop in Italy starting with only select, responsibly harvested woods, a variety of shells configurations are crafted to order. Choose from “All” wood shells such as North American Maple, Finnish Birch and superb Khaya Mahogany or Hybrid Shell Rebel Custom Shop Series options such as Maple & Mahogany, Birch & Mahogany, Maple & Birch, Maple & Koto or the classic Maple & Birch. Add to that, a selection of custom finishes, diameters and dephts, to design the ultimate drum kit. The Rebel Custom Shop drums feature proprietary bearing edges and multi thickness shell technology.
Discover the full range of Rebel Custom Shop drums here and see if you can find your dream drum kit.


Highs 65%
Mids 60%
Lows 95%
Decay 95%


At the heart of this brand new combination there is our passion.
We are very proud to introduce Koto for the first time in history and we’re sure that you will not believe your ears.
Handcrafted in Italy using top quality Maple & Cameroon Koto this hybrid wood shell is noted for its big, warm and dry tone with a terrific low end. These drums have a truly organic, dark vibe while maintaining the classic ds personality.
Whether you want that classic vintage or a more contemporary complex tone, Maple/Koto is the drum for you that is not only visually stunning with awesome tones, it will quickly earn it’s place as a classic collector’s drum kit. These drums offer an exciting new bearing edge proprietary combination that yield thrilling new sonic possibilities, R1 45 degree on toms, R2 45 degree on floor toms and R2 60 degree on bass drums. They come with our vintage style 2.3mm inward hoops and all 5ply proprietary configuration and Remo Ambassador heads on both sides. Dry tone with a terrific low end.