Pro power and performance

Say hello to the new Venom Series drum.

Inspired by the DS RCS drum.
Manufactured in Italy, the Venom Drum Series  have a fresh new sound that will leave you speechless.
Venom Series offers a myriad of today’s most popular configurations.
Then, add toms or bass drums to build a custom kit to suit your musical style.

The Power is in the Core

Shells for professionals who demand exaggerated performance.
Handle dynamics, play hundreds of musical genres, tune easily,
the Venom is capable of this and more.
The secret lies in the combination of two woods and DS multi thickness technology. American Maple contains a high amount of sugar which makes the sound crystal clear, while European Maple which contains a low percentage of sugar offers exceptional low mid and low frequencies.

A combination that Rocks!
Proprietary Multi Thickness Technology

Ready for
studio recording

Just out of the box, the Venom kit it's ready for the recording session.
This thanks to our drum shell quality and the choice of drumheads selected by DS in collaboration with Evans.
On all Toms and Floor Toms we have chosen G2 Clear which, in combination with the new Reso 7, guarantee an explosive and controlled sound.
Our historic kick drum sound has been enhanced thanks to the combination of a EQ4 Clear and an Emad Reso ... boom!!!.
For the snare drums we have chosen a combination with a Genera and a, in this case we have a controlled sound without losing dynamics and volume.

The new Venon Series drum it's extremely easy to tune and your engineer will be happy.

Five Configuration

Ten vibrant colors

Snow White Stain

Matte Finish

Espresso Capsule Azure

Lacquer Finish

Espresso Capsule Copper

Lacquer Finish

Espresso Capsule Red

Lacquer Finish

Espresso Capsule Blue

Lacquer Finish

Espresso Capsule Silver

Lacquer Finish

Espresso Capsule Bronze

Lacquer Finish

Whisky Stain

Matte Finish

Brandy Wine Stain

Matte Finish

Charcoal Stain

Matte Finish

Add On

Add the desired color code to the article code. Example: DSVE2016BDBW - Brandy Wine Stain

*ECAZ - Espresso Capsule Azure 
*ECBL - Espresso Capsule Blue
*ECRE - Espresso Capsule Red
*ECSI - Espresso Capsule Silver
*ECCO - Espresso Capsule Copper
*ECBR - Espresso Capsule Bronze
*SW Snow White Stain
*BW - Brandy Wine Stain
*CH - Charcoal Stain
*WK - Whisky Stain